A co- education institution, affiliated to UP Board, LPIC Anand Nagar branch is the mother branch of all branches. The branch has been hoisting its flags of stupendous success science 1983. It offers education from pre-nursery to class XII. The senior branch was inaugurated on 30th July 1997 by Ex Chief Minister Shri Raj Nath Singh. The gems of the branch keep peeping out of the splendid casement of success of it. The mind ravishing fragrance of success of the branch kept bewitching the students all the state over. With each passing year, the upward swing is gaining momentum.


Anand Nagar has an unrivalled record of producing outstanding result. In High School examination 7 students secured 90% above including Ayush Mishra, Rishi Raj Singh, Alok Kumar Yadav, Rahul Verma, Prabhat Kumar, Deepak Yadav and Ankur Kumar, 48 students secured 80% and above. Likewise in Intermediate UP Board examinations 8 students got 90% and above including Deepanshu Yadav, Akhil Patel, Saurabh Yadav, Nidhi Tiwari, Utkarsh Shukla, Devesh Kumar, Sachin Kumar Maurya, and Vijay Laxmi Nayak, 32 students secured 80% and above. Overall 100% result of High School and Intermediate was really commendable.


Students are chiseled with a missionary zeal. There is close supervision, guidance and instruction by a highly competent team of experts in individual subjects. To make teaching learning effective and enjoyable, efforts are made to provide well furnished with modern facilities, science and computer laboratories, all modern audio-video facilities, provisions for class presentation, enrichment and remedial classes, student council and co-curricular activates. To develop global exposure and understanding of cultural diversity student are motivated to participate in International competitions. The students of LPIC Anand Nagar are choreographing success and realizing worthy goals, in both India and Abroad. Alumni of Anand Nagar branch have made the branch proud by securing eminence both in their educational and professional fields globally.




The Life of a student is most enjoyable and worth remembering. But it is certainly not a bed of roses. For many, it is a hard life. It is full of work and discipline. It is the period when one makes or mars one’s career. Every student should enjoy going to school with the purpose of learning. It is the period of life to form good habits of reading, learning, cooperating, observing, discipline, judging right from wrong and developing one’s character and personality. Student life is full of responsibilities. A good student uses his time fruitfully and sincerely.


This is the period when the student develops his body, mind and soul. He keeps a goal and tries to get it by dint of hard work in studies, being regular, disciplined and dedicated. He learns to respect his elders. It is the time to build one’s career and to become a good and respectable citizen. Student life is golden period of man's life.


Hence students are the youth of today & strength of tomorrow.


Mrs. Meena Tiwari
Head Mistress